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Our Amazing Volunteer Family

We Couldn't Do This Without Them!

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Diane Sames - Quakertown, PA

I love nature, the outdoors, and country life. 
I have been blessed with two wonderful grown children giving me extra free time for volunteering.
I enjoy serving others and volunteering at Furever Serving, helping wherever I can so others may come and feel welcomed, loved & supported while enjoying time with God’s creations.


Alyssa Sabo - Emmaus, PA

I have always had a passion for animals and enjoy spending time bonding with and caring for them. My most important job in life is raising my amazing daughter, Willow. I feel my purpose in life is helping others and I do so by working on growing my business providing pet care, lawn care, and other home services. Volunteering at Furever Serving has provided me an amazing opportunity to help care for the animals as well as bond with and gain more knowledge about them. I absolutely love spending time at FS and feel blessed to have FS as a part of my life. 
"The greatest good is what we do for one another" - Mother Teresa


Daytona Christman - Center Valley, PA

Hi! I'm Daytona and what I do here at FS is help out with the duck and chicken pens and usually muck for the horses. What I like to do outside of FS is biking, art, and music. I am trying to get back into violin and guitar. I love to sketch drawings and sometimes paint. I like to also play with my dog, my two rabbits, and guinea pig.


Leah Zabari

I'm a wife, mother, teacher, and daughter of the One True King.
I'm an outdoor enthusiast who loves being in and around nature experiencing the glory of God.
As a kid my favorite song to sing and play on the piano was "Make me a servant humble and meek, Lord let me lift up those who are weak...". I live and love to serve in many ways, so when God put Furever Serving in my path, I knew that this ministry was one place I wanted to live out my servant's heart, using my talents to minister to others.

Volunteer Family: Our Team
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