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Victoria Chubb

Founder, President, and Instructor

I am a faithful follower of Christ and I have a passion for animals that started as a young girl.  Animals have helped me through difficult times which led me on my journey to educate myself on their care and training.  I have had and trained dogs since I was young, have taken several riding/groundwork clinics, and completed level 1 and level 2 intensive course training for horses in riding and groundwork.  I continue to learn and educate as often as I can allowing me to serve others with this knowledge so they can enjoy time with God's amazing creations.  My hope is to share God's blessings so others may receive His Love & Joy through animal interaction!


Original Chief of Lessons

Sulley has been a great teacher, partner, and lesson horse for many. This gentle paint is loving and kind to all he meets. As of 2023, Sulley has been retired from riding lessons but continues to be a blessing to our family in many other special ways! He loves attention and all the love and cuddles he can get!

Jeshua on Sulley.JPG
Animal_Instructor Family: Meet the Team

Tonka a.k.a "Mr. T"

Director of Shenanigans

Tonka is a stunning gelding that will always be the class clown, and you can't help but laugh around him. We have been blessed to have him since he was a colt. Tonka has spent a lot of time under saddle and is following behind his big brother Sulley! He is used for lessons with experienced riders. His continued growth and desire to learn will have him in our full lesson program soon.


Rookie of the Year

Flash came to our family in 2021 and we continue to enjoy every minute of getting to know this handsome hunk. He fit right into our lesson program and has been a joy with the kids!  



Sweet Pony Boy!

Silver is a sweet boy who has been a delight since he has joined our family. He loves attention and hanging around everyone. We are grateful to his owner, Sandra, for sharing her special boy with us!

Animal_Instructor Family: Meet the Team
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