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Sharing God's Love One Hoof at a Time!

How Great Thou Art!
We are so grateful to those who come to enjoy time with God's creations and we hope you feel peace as you relax in the presence of His amazing work! Thank you to all those who have come to our events and fundraisers - your support is appreciated!
We will continue to update our event pictures for all to enjoy below (make sure to keep scrolling).

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Past Events

Praise be to God!

Lots of Fun, Laughter, and Joy - Check it Out!!

2023_11_04 Kramer family (33).JPG

3rd Annual Fall Photo Shoot
- 11/04/2023

Using God's creations all around us to bless many with beautiful photos. We're grateful for everyone who helped serve at this event to make it all possible. To allow many an opportunity to afford gorgeous photos that will last a lifetime! After each photo shoot, there was food, games, and crafts for more family fun!


First Annual Halloween Scavenger Hunt - 10/21/2023

We enjoyed bringing back light to this holiday! There was a bible verse scramble hunt with candy at each group of words found, an animal scavenger hunt to see how many you could find on the farm, and a game of riddles to solve and find the item! Lots of prizes won for each game completed. It was truly joyful watching all the kids running to find the hidden buckets of candy and finish the games to win prizes. Friends were made, laughter abound, and smiles galore! Praise God!

Hill Fire View.JPG

Campfire Worship Night
- 09/30/2023

With thanks to Marty Wolfe and Dave Geipel, our 2nd Annual Campfire Worship Night was filled with amazing songs of worship, food to enjoy, fellowship, and hot cocoa! This event brings such an overflowing presence of Joy! Watching the kids worship, run and have fun was heartwarming! We look forward to this peaceful night every year!


Mini-Camps > June/July

We just love our mini-camps and the wonderful campers who join us! Watching the kids worship and seeing them participate in bible study is heartwarming! Learned about horse care and riding, played games, and enjoyed water fun to cool off! Can't Wait for Next Year!! So Many New and Fun Things to Come!


Open House - 05/13/2023

A fun day for families with games, a bounce house, pony rides, food, and drinks. Thank you to all who came and thank you to those who donated horse tack!

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Jesus Rock 2.jpg

Rocking Jesus!

The heart continues to grow in love, hope, joy, and strength in Jesus here at Furever Serving! We have large rocks that came from building our riding area and it reminds us that "Jesus is our rock!". We love reading the words and seeing the pictures placed on the rock from those who share what Jesus is doing for them! Come and see what Jesus can do in your heart and read what others have shared.

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