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04.05.2024 Barn Funding Update.jpg

You Can Help Make a Difference!

At Furever Serving, we want everyone to have the opportunity to experience God's blessings. We have no set cost to participate in any of our activities or events; we are completely donation-run. You can help make a difference by donating $20, $50, $100, or whatever amount God is laying on your heart. It could be a one-time donation or monthly, to help us keep our operating expenses down or covered.

Above is our current fundraiser chart update on a shed-row barn.

Adding this barn is a blessing to not only the horses but all those who come to enjoy them! This addition to Furever Serving will allow our participants to safely retrieve their horses to prepare them for riding and will give that participant the chance to learn important communication skills with them to earn their trust and respect, building the participant's confidence and connection to the horses. It will also help participants and volunteers to safely and comfortably assist in their care. It will also allow Furever Serving ease in rotation for us to open up riding areas for the participants.

Your consideration to help fund this goal would be a blessing to many! If unable to help financially but have materials you can donate, we would be more than grateful.

We have also listed below many needs our ministry can use throughout the year if this is an area you can help us make a difference.

Current Needs: Welcome

Ways You Can Help

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed - Proverbs 11:25 NIV

Horse Tack.jfif

Used Horse Tack Donations

We appreciate and accept any used tack donations, obstacles, and cavaletti's for our programs.

Snack Table 2.JPEG

Individually Packed Snacks & Candy, Water or Hot Cocoa

During our programs, we offer our participants water to make sure they stay hydrated on hot days. We also offer many snacks, candy, and drinks at our events to help raise funding to cover expenses.
All our volunteers have free access to as much water and snacks as they need while they help care for our farm family.

Outdoor Game.jpg

Indoor/Outdoor Games

We like to make sure families have lots of joy when they come to our farm! Many families have several children and having games for them to play and enjoy makes their wait to ride fun! We also make sure we have lots of games at our events to enjoy. Your donations will be used well bringing lots of smiles and laughter!

Current Needs: Projects
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